Meal and Snack Time at The Day Nursery during Covid-19

Snack time certainly looks different now!

When the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2020, we celebrated. We commemorated yet another successful year behind us, and we hugged one another with glee in anticipation of yet another prosperous year. We certainly did not expect the severity that was just around the corner. We will again celebrate this upcoming New Year and ring in the New Year with much sentimentality, gratitude, and hope in our hearts. But we are not quite there! Not yet!

Suddenly life changes…

During the shutdown, the Day Nursery team came together and collaborated. Using whatever reliable data was available, we vigorously researched the disease and how we can best respond to it while providing services. Due to the disease’s newness, data resources were limited, and data varied as medical professionals gained knowledge over time. That also included what to do with our beloved food program, but we configured a plan in time. The Day Nursery will now serve our children meals that still meet the Child Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) criteria while individually packaged.  Our goal is to provide nutrient-enriched meals with minimal contact.  It is my pleasure to say we have succeeded!

We are now in November. Since mid-July, we have been back at work at The Day Nursery. We implemented many new policies and procedures to protect us all from Covid-19.  Life at the Day Nursery is a vigilant one, and our food program is no exception. I am Ms. Beatrice, The Day Nursery’s nutritionist and cook.  I want to share what we have been eating and how we have been eating since we returned in July

Despite all the changes, children still enjoy delicious and healthy meals and snacks…

The children enjoy an abundant array of salads, sandwiches, pasta, and seasonal produce. Also, we introduced a new continental concept for breakfast.  As the seasons continue to change, so will our menu. But one variable remains the same: our implementation of safe food service practice.  We have navigated uncharted waters and are continually learning. Above all, it brings me much joy to see our Day Nursery children adapting so well and, most importantly, eating so well!

Cari Christoff