Meet The Day Nursery Junior Board

The Day Nursery would like to introduce you to our newly formed Junior Board. Sophie Tillotson, a senior at Oak Park-River Forest High School, founded the board in January 2020. The Board’s mission is to be a youth committee dedicated to supporting and enriching The Day Nursery through fundraising, volunteer work, and increasing community awareness.

Sophie gets hooked….

Sophie’s older sister inspired her to get involved in The Day Nursery. Her sister had volunteered at The Day Nursery. Because Sophie heard many wonderful stories of her sister’s experiences in the classroom, Sophie decided to volunteer as well.

During Summer 2019, Sophie volunteered on Mondays-Thursdays from 9:00-11:00 am. While there, she saw that the children learned more than just numbers and letters. Sophie realized that The Day Nursery was like a second home for the children. Day Nursery teachers taught Sophie to celebrate the individuality of every child and encourage them to use their imagination. Since Sophie was such an enthusiastic intern, Cari Christoff asked her if she would be interested in starting a Junior Board. Given this opportunity, Sophie hopes to create something that will continue at The Day Nursery long after she graduates, and that will attract more engagement from the teens in the community.  

Sophie draws others into The Day Nursery spell

Besides Sophie, eight other members serve on the Junior Board. Currently, all members attend Oak Park-River Forest High School. Charlotte Boultinghouse, a sophomore, is the Public Relations Chair. Gabe Jackson, a junior, is the Sergeant of Arms. Sophie Bessell, a senior, is their Social Media Chair. Maia Sullivan, a senior, is the Treasurer. Dylan Thomas, a senior, is the Energizer. Jackson Tanner, a senior, is Secretary. Phoebe Olszowka, a senior, is the Vice President. Melissa Elsmo, former Day Nursery Board President and local chef/food writer, mentors the group.

COVID-19 does not stop them!

Due to COVID-19, the board cannot assist the children in the classroom. But they are creative in finding other ways to make an impact. They are currently organizing weekly YouTube book reading videos, a Virtual Winter Sing-Along, Field Trip Videos, and a Virtual Game Night fundraiser. They are also creating take-home craft kits to make ornaments for the Day Nursery’s tree at Brookfield Zoo this upcoming winter.

The Day Nursery applauds their energy and commitment. We are grateful for their efforts and look forward to all the wonderful things they will do for The Day Nursery, its children, and teachers.

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